Commemorative Keys & The Journey Hero Badge

For those Hunters who missed out on the treasure but happen to be located near or travelling near the area of a discovery, you can still win something!

Use your map and follow the journey. Imagine you're the first Hunter on this path and take each step as they did.

When you finish, take a selfie (or any photo) "at the area" of the discovery and send it to us at We'll assign you the JOURNEY HERO badge and also mail you a commemorative key, similar to what was in the Chest found in the area, complete with brass plate stamped with the applicable Chest number.

The key and shipping are 100% FREE as a thank you and consolation award for participating in the adventure. We hope you love your key!

By submitting your photo to us, you grant us irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide license to post, use, print, and disseminate your photo in any material in promotion of our Company, any past game, and any future games.

This free key offer is limited to 1 key per Chest per Hunter.

The "area" of discovery covers a wide swath of the discovery zone but, generally speaking, your photo must be of you at the actual discovery site or a pertinent spot nearby from the map journey. The pertinents spots are listed below for the applicable Chests.

Chest VI: Pertinent spots are Patton Cave, the firepit at the top, or the secret slot. Warning: this one is a bit of a hike!

Chest II: Pertinent spots are the "four steps" and the trail cross.

Commemorative Keys are also for sale for $45.00.