Game Terms

By registering for an account or purchasing entry into one of our games, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you would like to revoke your permission to these terms, please email us at

The Incredible Hunt (Company) is an official DBA for The Real Treasure Hunt, LLC, a limited liability company formed under the laws of the State of Florida.

Do not run any automated systems against the website or servers associated with the Company. This means do not use an auto-refresher, auto-dialer, or auto-entry mechanism of any kind against any system one might reasonably expect to be associated with the Company. These systems are damaging to the health of the system and create a poor experience for all players.

To play any game, you must purchase entry for that game.

You are encouraged to get together and share insights, tips, and clues with each other. Two or more heads are usually better than one.

You give us the right to publish your username and general location (city & state) as you progress through the game should we become aware you have solved a clue.

Any amount paid to you as prize money may be published publicly on our website as part of the game profile page and your player profile page. Your profile includes a setting to disable display of prize money and we will do our best to prevent the amount showing if this option is disabled.

You give us the right to publish your name and likeness (that means photos) should you find a chest. Publishing may come in the form of videos shared and/or posted to the Internet, press releases nationally and locally, stories pitched to news stations (both local and national), and any other marketing activities designed to promote this Company and its games through your accomplishment.

From time to time, we may receive a request from a reporter (local or national) to interview the winner of any game. Should we receive a request to interview you, we will introduce you and the reporter by email. This will provide the reporter with your email address and you with theirs. Your participation in any game is your consent for us to provide your email address as your point of contact for this purpose.

Any interview request is of course 100% voluntarily - you are not required to respond or to provide material for any interview. We will simply connect you to the reporter and you may choose to ignore them or provide whatever detail you like. Please keep in mind that publicity for our games and stories about your accomplishments will attract more players, meaning larger prize pools for future games.

Points are awarded by Company for various activities. Points have no cash value and cannot be assigned, traded, or exchanged.

While names of real people may be referenced in a game, such as a President, Prince, or a local real estate company, none of these people or the people who work at these companies are part of the game. Please do not attempt to contact them in real life. Yes, someone did attempt to contact a real prince because of one of our games and it did not go well.

If you send photo(s) to Company or to any employee of Company, you are also providing Company an irrevocable, worldwide license to use such photo(s) in any marketing activities or publication for any reason in promotion of our Company, of any past game, or of any future game.

You are encouraged to offer feedback, ideas, and stories for future games to the Company. You will not be compensated by Company for any such submission.

Players understands and acknowledges there are myriad situations where the player(s) who actually discovered a chest or player(s) who won a game is(are) not completely obvious. Company will listen to the explanation of involved parties and make the decision it believes is best in the interest of fairness based on Company's own perception of the facts that occurred. The decision of which player to pay any amount or all of the prize money to rests solely with Company.

Specific to Treasure Hunt Games

Leave our parks, gardens, public spaces, and any private spaces the same way you found them. To borrow (and modify) a favorite quip: Take nothing but photos (and treasure) and leave nothing but footprints.

DO NOT DIG! DO NOT DIG! If you believe a chest is underground, it would be less than one inch underground covered only with a thin layer of topsoil. Once you're in the correct location, such a chest could be retrieved simply with your fingers.

This is a game of skill; it is not a lottery or sweepstakes and there is no element of luck.

If you have a chest in hand (congrats 🎉) and you're ready to get paid, email a photo of the chest contents to

Chests may be located on private property. In this case, Company has permission for chest to be there and for access by players. To be safe, DO NOT ENTER private property without permission. If you believe a chest is located on private property, contact the Company for confirmation before proceeding. We can and will provide confirmation if you have deciphered such location from the final clue. If you have not, do not venture onto private property no matter how certain you are.

Refunds for purchased entries are permitted up until the materials are physically delivered to the provided address. Whether or not your materials have been opened, once your materials have been delivered, we are unable to process a refund.

There is no established end date for the game. The Hunt ends once all chests have been uncovered and all prize money established for the has been awarded.

Once all steps of a card have been solved, a player may contact the Company at any method they choose to seek confirmation of location. In fact, before traveling to any location, a player should confirm their suspected location. The Company will confirm or deny a reasonable amount of location guesses.

Who to pay and how to split the prize money for a chest discovery is up to the sole and absolute discretion of the Company, regardless of who physically finds a chest, recovers a chest, identifies the ultimate location of a chest, or solves the clues leading to a chest discovery.

Specific to Weekly Rush Games

This is a game of skill. While there may be some elements of luck (such as which riddle is assigned to you) inherent to the game format, it is not a lottery or sweepstakes. Winning a game will require you to implement logic, creativity, and reason.

We create and manage puzzle games where the stories are intended to sound like real-world scenarios. These are only intended to sound and look real. No one has been actually kidnapped, you are not solving a case, breaking into a bank, or anything else of that nature. Where relevant and reasonable we will include a message to this effect in the game to ensure non-player parties are not confused.

The Weekly Rush is a weekly puzzle conducted entirely online (digitally). It's a quick, cutthroat, winner-take-all format. You receive nothing in the mail and there are no shipping charges.

Refunds for purchased entries are permitted up until the start of the game. From the moment the game begins, not refunds can be processed as players will have been provided instructions for solving the game.

Each game begins on or about 8:00 PM ET on Friday and ends (if not solved) at 8:00 PM ET on the following Friday.

If the game has not been solved by the time the game ends, the prize pool is rolled over into the next Weekly Rush game.

Although it is our intent to launch a game each week on Friday at 8:00 PM ET, it is not guaranteed. For reasons outside of our control, it's possible a game will be delayed until such time as it can be started. If a prize pool has been rolled over, it will be available when the next game begins.

Stuff That Is Important To The Lawyers

The Company uses a software system to manage and operate its games. This software is provided "AS IS", without warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, and non-infringement. In no event shall Company, any of its employees, or affiliates be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability whether in action of contract, tort, or otherwise arising from, out of, or in connection with operation of the software or use of the software.

We reserve the right to deny participation by any player for any reason, at our sole discretion.

By providing my phone number to The Incredible Hunt, I agree and acknowledge that Company may call or send text messages to my phone number for any purpose, including marketing purposes, using all methods now known and discovered in the future, including, but not limited to, auto-dialers, pre-recordings, and general telemarketing practices. These methods may be automated or manual and may occur at any hour of the day. I agree that these calls and text messages may be regarding the products and/or services that I have previously purchased and products and/or services that Company may market to me. I acknowledge that this consent may be removed at my request but that until such consent is revoked, I may receive calls and text messages from Company at my number.

By providing photos, video, your username, location, and other data to Company, you grant Company the right to use provided content in any way for any purpose. Any provided content may be reproduced, modified, and/or distributed as Company sees fit in any medium for any purpose and in perpetuity.